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Available now- Highlander's Dark Seduction

Joanne is thrilled to offer medieval fans connected Highlander stories this summer. The Highlander's Dark Seduction is the second story in the "Secrets of the Darroch Clan" series, available now. Look for the follow up stories, including Alexander's and Shannon's, this fall.

Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation

Joanne wants YOU to sit with her at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon in Milwaukee on April 25, 2015. Prepare yourself for STAR treatment with tons of swag and gifts, fun and laughter. Romance readers will receive prizes from Joanne Rock and fellow Harlequin author, Karen Rock. YA fans receive all YA swag and books from J.K. Rock! This table will be Rockin'! Sign up now for your tix and be sure to add the pizza party Saturday night, hosted by Cherry Adair. It's going to be an unforgettable weekend. 

Young Adult Book #2 in series 

Visit the J.K. Rock website to learn more about Joanne's continuing Young Adult series as J.K. Rock with her writing partner sister in law, Karen. Their debut book Camp Boyfriend is now a 2014 Booksellers Best Finalist for YA! Camp Payback is book 2 in the "Camp Boyfriend" series. If you havent tried YA, check out the .99 novellas that will introduce you to the series, Camp Kiss and Camp Christmas!

Launch Your Libido- Joanne on FOX Tampa Bay

Joanne recently contributed to a  fun series called Launch Your Libido on the local FOX news affiliate. One of the segments featured romance novels and Joanne was only too happy to chat about them! Check out the segment here. Read the article about "Turning a page in your love life". Here's a sneak peek:

"While some may be concerned that romance novels create unrealistic expectations for the reader, Joanne says, in her books, the characters must overcome obstacles. 

'The happy ending isn't given to you on a silver platter for being a good person. Romance novels are about work, you are working hard to get to that happily ever after...and come out victorious on the other side.'"


Promo Guide for Writers

Self Promotion Simplified: Your Guide to Launching a Book is available nowThe project is the result of numerous workshops Joanne has given on all facets of book promotion. Mingling traditional promotional strategies along with advice for growing your digital outreach, the guide offers practical, accessible strategies to find your readership and includes advice from marketing professionals, publishing industry insiders and bestselling authors like Carly Phillips, Lisa Renee Jones, Dianna Love, and Catherine Mann!

Beach Read Bonanza - Contest

Bring your romance to the beach in a fun new Harlequin tote bag when you win this month's prize! You'll also win copies of Maisy Yates' AVENGE ME with special sample chapters of TAKE ME, plus Joanne Rock's MY DOUBLE LIFE and Janice Maynard's NOT SO INNOCENT SEDUCTION and a special CD of beautiful music specially written for the book!  Click here to enter, winner chosen at random from all entrants on 8/1/14. 


Recent and upcoming foreign releases

7-1 The Highlander's Dark Seduction in the UK

6-13 Maid Until Midnight in Germany

6-1 The Knight's Courtship in Spain

5-12 Night of Wicked Delight in Germany

5-1 The Wedding Knight in Portugal

4-13 The Virgin's Pursuit in Germany

4-1  My Double Life in Brazil

4-1  My Lady' Favor in France

3-1  My Double Life in Germany

2-1   My Double Life in Italy

Summoned for Seduction in Germany

1-1   My Secret Fantasies in the UK

1-1   My Secret Fantasies iAustralia

1-1   The Knight's Return in Portuguese

12-1  My Double Life in Germany






Updated 7/1/14


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