Alter Ego Series Cover Reveal

Alter Ego Series Cover Reveal

Hello friends! I’m excited to share the covers for my new two-book series Alter Ego, releasing July 19 and August 2! These books were originally released as Harlequin Blaze titles many moons ago, but I’ve given the covers a gorgeous refresh to reflect the stories inside! These books are a little funny, a lot sexy, and very much my voice. The heroine’s point-of-view is in first person and the hero’s point-of-view is in third person, a storytelling formula that’s different from my usual but was such a blast to write. Both heroines have their own way of trying on a new persona to escape troubles in their past and I just love both of these. You can preorder My Double Life: 

My Double Life

Cover for My Double Life

Alter Ego book #1

Overcoming my insecurities is easier behind a mask. And so is indulging my favorite new hobby of pole dancing, especially when I have the chance to take my dancing public. The next thing I know, I’ve attracted the attention of a Hollywood filmmaker who also happens to be a client at my day job. Only he doesn’t recognize me now, and I need it to stay that way if I want to stay employed.

Except it’s getting more and more difficult to keep my distance from Trey Fraser. I can’t believe he wants me, Courtney Masterson, a woman who’s always hidden from the spotlight. Until now. But if the secret gets out about my alter ego, we’ll both be in hot water…


Read the reviews:

“It was so much fun but it also tackled some serious issues with the characters. I really think that if you give this book a shot, you’ll love it.” — Harlequin Junkie, 4 1/2 stars

“Sexy and playful but also held emotional tension of the best kind. I highly recommend!” —Contemporary Romance Reviews 5 stars

“Courtney’s evolution from caterpillar to butterfly is awesome… toss in some forbidden fantasies and it’s icing on a delicious cake.” —Romantic Times, 4 1/2 stars

My Secret Fantasies

Cover for My Secret Fantasies

Alter Ego book #2

She hoped her ten minutes of fame was over, but just in case, Miranda Cortland is leaving Los Angeles and her past far behind. With new dreams to pursue on the northern California coast and a naughty novel in the works to give her libido a kickstart, Miranda is ready to move on. But when car breaks down and her rescuer looks like her novel’s hero come to life, she begins to wonder if life really can imitate art. And if so, she can’t wait to write the end of her book starring sexy and brooding Damien Fraser.

When her past comes calling for her, however, Miranda’s chance to start over looks like it’s going up in flames –and her new romance along with it!

Read the Reviews:

To begin with, this book opens with an erotic BAM, which sets the entertaining tone for the rest of the book. I can honestly say that I was completely mesmerized by the prologue. The story itself is unique and interesting, with well described scenery and characters. Miranda and Damien are likeable, in addition to having a connection that is magnetic. The sex scenes are hot and Ms. Rock’s ability to create meaningful lust is very effective. I loved the somewhat predictable ending, because it was totally my cup of tea. – Harlequin Junkie, 5 stars

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