What’s My Line?

Finding Romance in Series Fiction

by Deborah Hale, Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

To score your quiz, simply count the number of each type of response you gave. For example, you might have checked six fs, a few ds, and the rest of your answers were scattered among the other letters. Score your answers to the “What’s My Short Line?” section of the quiz first using the guideline below. Then, score your answers to the “What’s My Long Line?” on the second half of this answer key. Look up the letter you chose the most times in the following guide and see what short category romance line suits you best!

What’s My “Short” Line?

Lots of A’s could mean you’re a natural for Harlequin Romance, one of the most popular and enduring lines in the Harlequin/Silhouette/Mills&Boon publishing empire. These are warm, heart-felt stories of love with a contemporary twist and subtle sensuality told from a woman’s perspective.

A big bouquet of B’s might be a sign that Silhouette Romance is the line for you. These stories touch readers’ hearts with classic romance plots, babies and the handsome boy-next-door all grown up into Mr. Right. How can the heroine and the reader not fall in love with him?

An answer sheet checkered with C’s indicates your funny bone is in the right place. Maybe you have the quirky sense of humor needed to deliver a punch line with flair and pen a Harlequin Duets. Fast paced and quick-witted, these stories deliver a romantic-and comic-escape from reality.

Do the D’s tempt you, time and again? You’ll enjoy dreaming up sexy, seductive stories for Harlequin Temptation. Sparks fly from page one in these heated romances, so be prepared to fog up the computer screen!

Is your answer sheet rich in E’s, cherie? Then you might have the élan to write for Harlequin Presents. These dazzling stories of passion and excitement between a spirited heroine and a larger-than-life hero often play out in an exotic international setting.

Do the F’s whisper to you? Follow your heart’s desire and try your hand at the powerful, provocative stories of Silhouette Desire. Rich with emotion and sometimes humor, Desire offers deliciously passionate romance.

What’s My “Long” Line?

If you chose mostly A’s, you may have the sense and sensibility to write British-set novels for Harlequin Historical. From his lairdship’s medieval Scottish castle to a Regency assembly hall, these books serve up passion and adventure against a vivid backdrop of British history.

Rounding up a whole herd of B’s means you may hanker to write American-set stories for Harlequin Historical. Whether action-packed westerns, gentle love stories of small town Americana or compelling novels about the turbulent Revolutionary or Civil War eras, these books make the past come alive for readers with characters they can love to watch fall in love.

If your cup runneth over with C’s, you might have the special qualities needed to write for the Love Inspired line. In these uplifting stories, faith and hope add a spiritual dimension to the emotional experience of falling in love and building a lasting relationship.

Are you detecting a pattern of D’s? That could be a clue that Harlequin Intrigue fits with your writing profile. Suspense and secrets charge the atmosphere of these books, and danger provides a potent charge of passion. The heroine and her hero must forge a bond of trust to unravel both the mysteries of the story and of their explosive feelings for one another.

If you find yourself attracted to a surplus of E’s, you could have a passion for penning Silhouette Intimate Moments sagas. These stories may include adventure, suspense, glitz, or melodrama, even a flash of mainstream. But they’re all guaranteed to bring an emotionally enriching larger-than-life romance. Hold on to your seats, these books promise a wild ride!

Do you find yourself collecting shopping bag full of F’s? Then Harlequin American may be just your size. Whether set in American big cities or small towns, fairy tales become reality in these realistic stories of romance in our own neighborhood.

If your garden overflows with G’s, your heart may warm to the Silhouette Special Edition line, sophisticated stories that delve into the challenges of building a family. Emotional and intense, these romances explore the drama of falling in love.

Are you compelled to choose H’s? You may well find the compelling stories of Harlequin Superromance to be just the forum for your stories. The longest of the Harlequin/Silhouette lines, these realistic romances offer a mainstream tone, featuring a variety of cutting edge subjects.

You are setting off fire alarms with a page full of I’s— you are a Harlequin Blaze author in the making. These sensual romances generate some serious steam, but if you don’t mind being a bit of a trailblazer, Harlequin’s newest line of boldly sexy stories are definitely for you.

Helpful Hint: Confused about your answers? Look for big picture patterns! If your short category answers were divided between A’s and B’s for the short lines, this indicates a preference for sweet romance. If you’re evenly divided between D’s and E’s for the long lines, you know you have romantic suspense leanings. Armed with this new knowledge, sit down with a shopping bag full of books from each line and prepare to fall in love!

A Final Word

Hope you had fun and gleaned some insights along the way! This quiz provides a starting place for targeting a category line, but you the writer can carry it even further in developing your own individualized characters. Empty your Harlequin Intrigue hero’s pocket! Pour out your Love Inspired heroine’s purse and see what you find! The possibilities are as endless as the infinite stories waiting to be shared.