About Joanne

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! It's a treat for me to connect directly with readers here and I appreciate your support.

I've been writing for over twenty years. As a lifelong reader, I became a writer because it was yet another way to enjoy a book... from the inside out! I like to think my love of stories began as a child as my mother read to me. She swears I figured how to read "on my own" and it surprised her as much as anyone when I began reading books by myself. I do remember being that student in every class who hoped the teacher would call on me to read because I loved being the one to tell the stories.

Fast forward to high school, my English teachers wrote notes on my papers like "you should be a writer!" (Shout out to the teachers of the world for encouraging their students-- it means so much.) I tucked away that advice, and went to college for marketing and public relations. After working in the field for a little while, it occurred to me that it would be so much more fun if my professional life involved books. I wasn't sure how to make that happen, but I went back to university for a degree in Literature. 

I could have gladly stayed in school forever, finding joy in discussing themes and literary elements. I've taught college courses over the years as I moved from state to state, always happy to talk about fiction. But soon, I thought of another way to indulge the love of books... what if I really did try to be a writer?

My first attempts were shaky, but I was quickly obsessed with writing a novel. I was inspired by so many authors who came before me, and I knew that I had to figure out how they managed to perform that magic act of transporting me to a fictional world while I sat on my sofa with a good book. Every time I sit down to write, I try to replicate that magic for you.

Today, I've published over one hundred titles for a variety of publishers. By now, I've missed seeing some of my earlier stories around as I still love those characters. So I've been enjoying revisiting my backlist and reissuing works that mean so much to me. If you've only recently discovered my stories these will be new to you! If you've read my backlist, I promise, there is much more to come!