Rocky Mountain Rivals is a Top Pick!

Rocky Mountain Rivals is a Top Pick!

So thrilled to see the first book in my Return to Catamount series snag a Top Pick! designation from Harlequin Junkie this month! Here’s a snippet of what they had to say: “Joanne Rock has used her superb storytelling skills to craft the perfect enemies to lovers tale. Since Rocky Mountain Rivals is part of Harlequin Desire line the reader knows there will be a sizzling storyline and Ms. Rock truly delivers.” Wow! I was eager to try another enemies-to-lovers story since this isn’t a trope I do often, and I’m so glad it worked well! You can read the full review at Harlequin Junkie.

My latest is a Top Pick!

Then, Book Review Crew continued to rain down the good news with their review for the story. “Rock is a master of relationships. She perfectly captured the development and nuances in Fleur and Drake’s relationship, as well as that of the sisters. The overarching story of the ranch and the relationship among the sisters is a nice tie through and makes you want to keep reading. I recommend this novel.” I was so pleased! Are you following Book Review Crew? If you’re on Facebook, give their page a Like!

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