Single in South Beach Reissued!!

Single in South Beach Reissued!!

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Black and white image of couple for book cover of One Naughty Night by Joanne Rock, 2023

2023 Cover for One Naughty Night, updated and reissued by Joanne Rock and Quarter Moon Press

One Naughty Night

Original Cover for Harlequin Release

Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating the reissue of the tenth book I ever published, One Naughty Night. It’s been an interesting journey for me this year as I re-read some of my backlist and decide what books I’d like to refresh for today’s reader. The Single in South Beach series (of which this book is the third) was the first true series I wrote. I wrote duologies before that, but not a longer series. I loved the South Beach books for a lot of reasons, but the series hook– the female friendships that are both problematic and full of love– always topped the list for me. The women who go into business together to run Club Paradise aren’t all there because they like one another… far from it! But it was really rewarding to watch them pull together as a team, and to see beneath their differences to some core commonalities. I still find that friendship journey really worthwhile, in real life and in fiction. And as I look back at my publishing past, I’d hold up that theme and idea as something I continue to be really proud of.

🥂~~~Releasing tomorrow 7/18 ONE NAUGHTY NIGHT ~~~
What’s to love about book #3 in the Single in South Beach series?
❤ Blind Date
❤ Mistaken Identity
❤ Protector Hero
❤ Finding Your Voice
❤ If you enjoyed the movie Moonstruck, this book is for you!…/dp/B0C8PRBMBP
South Beach Miami at Night

Single in South Beach

Want to know more about the Single in South Beach series? Here’s the premise:
When the owners of a Miami couples’ resort skip town with the profits, their families are left with a property in debt. Determined to succeed in spite of the shady cloud hanging over the business, the women who remain behind hatch a scheme to turn the couples’ haven into an extravagant singles playground. After all, they don’t believe in happily-ever-afters anymore. But they can believe in themselves, each other, and their business on the glittering South Beach strip. . .
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