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Joanne Rock

Girl's Guide to Hunting and Kissing

Girl's Guide to Hunting and Kissing

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Single in South Beach Book 2
*An earlier draft of this story was published by Harlequin

Let the hunt begin! Nightlife heats up at Club Paradise when the sexy games start…

An ambiance coordinator for Club Paradise’s extravagant settings, Summer Farnsworth prides herself on taking the road less traveled when it comes to her career, her astrological predictions, and her men.

She knows immediately, therefore, that a pragmatic assistant district attorney like Jackson Taggart—a Taurus, of all things– is completely wrong for her. Since she doesn’t own enough crystals to ward off the man’s major magnetism, however, maybe a simple, no-strings fling would fulfill her penchant for passion.

Jackson Taggart sees enough corruption in his native city–and in his own family– without entangling himself with one of the most visible figures in Miami’s sexy club with a checkered history. But Summer Farnsworth’s figure is one that can’t very well be ignored, especially when she’s knee deep redecorating the club’s titillating accommodations. Who can resist a woman who issues propositions in a mock bordello draped in red velvet? Too bad her wild ways threaten to derail his political career ambitions that have begun to feel like a strait jacket.

Her scheme that he go a little wild on the town with her so that potential voters see him as more approachable is not what he had in mind in the weeks before formally announcing his candidacy.

Yet Jackson knows he’s in way over his head when her sexy dare is all he can think about…

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