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Joanne Rock

Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps

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Book 4 of 5: The Murphy Brothers

In the competitive world of professional hockey, Axel Rankin hides a dangerous past.

When filmmaker Jennifer Hunter arrives at the rink to go behind the scenes with the players, he has nowhere to hide his secrets - or an attraction he can't deny.

The pressure is on Jennifer to make a commercial documentary, her last obstacle to making the film she really wants to craft. So Jennifer throws herself into the new project, determined it will be a success. So why is the team's star defenseman constantly standing in her way? And why is she so incredibly attracted to the domineering Finn?

Axel Rankin knows he's been living on borrowed time during his NHL career. He sought a reprieve from the old motorcycle club back in Helsinki, and so far his former gang has let him build a new life in peace. But when a sexy filmmaker turns her spotlight on him, Axel knows he can't fly under the radar anymore. Jennifer's docudrama draws attention to him. Worse, it draws attention to her. Soon, he's forced to use all his defensive skills to protect her, battling old enemies to keep her safe.

It’s a red-hot situation that’s skating out of control, but Axel can’t think of a better way to go down in flames!

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