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Joanne Rock

Swept Away

Swept Away

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Interior decorator Josie Passano needs a unique and marketable project to cement her presence on the design scene.

Renovating a classic sailboat interior is an opportunity she won’t miss — even when her over-indulged wealthy client demands a midnight meeting to fit into his busy schedule. After previewing the boat at her host’s invitation, she settles in to wait, popping Dramamine to avert any potential for seasickness.

Unfortunately, the medicine makes her more than a little drowsy, and would it really be the end of the world if she closed her eyes for just a minute? Confident she’ll hear her client’s arrival, Josie is dazed and confused when she awakens to the hottest man she’s ever seen whispering suggestive ideas in her ear.

A man who definitely isn’t her client.

Business mogul Keith Murphy never would have left shore if he’d realized there was a stowaway on board. But he forgets all about turning the boat around when the woman’s sexy dream talk distracts the hell out of him. He shouldn’t talk back– except the words tumble out before he can think the better of them.

And seem to seriously turn her on. It’s awkward. Sexy. And not at all the right way to meet a woman. So he pulls into the closest marina and buys her breakfast, needing to show her he’s an honorable guy. But while they’re there, he can’t help but pitch a getaway trip on the boat to explore the heat between them. It’s quiet, idyllic, and far from the reality of their work lives.

Getting swept away never felt so good– until Josie’s past threatens to unravel everything.

* An earlier draft of this book previously published by Harlequin as 
Riding the Storm.

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